Haloze and Zagorje

The green landscape with fairytale castles, divine wines and special people never leaves visitors indifferent. The Haloze-Zagorje Tourist Zone is endlessly green, a kingdom of serenity and beauty. Dreamy. With a soul. For enjoyment.

More than 250 archaeological, cultural & historical and tourist sites are located in the Tourist Zone. The area is rich in archaeological sites witnessing human settlement and presence since the Palaeolithic.

Haloze and Zagorje are two border regions in two small young neighbouring countries (Slovenia and Croatia) with centuries of common history and decades of living in the same country (the Austrian Empire, Austria-Hungary, and old and new Yugoslavia) and foremost a number of common characteristics and amazing similarities. It is therefore far from unusual that they have begun to look for new ways for the old coexistence after being divided by national borders. The joint tourist zone is only one of the forms of almost eternal good neighbourly relations and understanding.

The Tourist Zone encompasses seven Slovenian municipalities (Zavrč, Gorišnica, Cirkulane, Videm, Podlehnik, Žetale and Majšperk) and eight Croatian municipalities (Bednja, Cestica, Donja Voća, Đurmanec, the Town of Lepoglava, Jesenje, Klenovnik and Vinica). The area has 50,000 inhabitants.

Specific architectural, fine arts and sacral features and monuments and a number of preserved original customs, superstitions and legends as well as the cuisine, exceptional wine tradition and not least the distinctive speech and rich language treasures speak of spirituality and culture. All of that is surrounded by beautiful and clean nature.